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[sorry i havent been online much, my muse has literally dropped to nothing due to various reasons, so i might end up taking a mini-hiatus from RPing, on tumblr anyway.

no matter what i decide to do, when i come back properly there will be some changes to this blog. im gonna start formatting my posts a bit like I do with Free b/c it basically forces me to take more pride in my posts and idk it looks pretty

but yes, peace out for now guys, and im really sorry. i just dont feel entirely comfortable on here anymore and yeah, adios ]

[ i sent this vine to steadfasthero and she immediately said that it reminded her of these two so i did a thing ]




[quiet reminder that I have a sonic blog that I want to use more often (aka go pester him) <3]

[ok whoops i sorted out his ask box NOW u can pester him]



[quiet reminder that I have a sonic blog that I want to use more often (aka go pester him) <3]


"My wife didn’t appreciate my fridge magnet poem."


"For what?"

Lifting his ears to listen, Sonic quietly began to purr back. The tighter grip was something he didn’t mind, as he was quite comfortable sitting here with him.

Moving his head away from the blue-furred neck, Shadow sighed once more and unwrapped one arm from the other’s midriff; hand moving to gently cup Sonic’s muzzle.

"For being here."

It was only a small murmur that was barely audible beneath the purrs, and half-lidded crimson irises shifted their gaze to meet emerald ones. The tiniest of smiles pulled at the corners of the dark hedgehog’s mouth, and he leaned forwards to give the other a soft kiss on the lips.


HTML basics (Part one)

Click on images for better resolution.

The code is the words in the <>.

These things <> hold your code.

Remember to hit the <html> before typing in your code.

Always put <around your code. (Tumblr automatically close for you.)  otherwise it won’t work.

Also the coding for a space is &nbsp;
  • This one only applies to the first 4 code in the photoset

The more you add the more the effect increases. Like such 1 <sub> is this type 2 <sub> is this. 

This works in asks too just find the <html>.

All next to each other looks like this. 

Normal small big subsupcode


steadfasthero replied to your post: steadfasthero said:-plops self in…

Choosing not to say much more, he rubbed the darker hedgehog’s back with one hand, nudging a black nose against his head.

A dull purr began to rumble from Shadow’s throat as the other nuzzled into him, and his grip on Sonic tightened ever so slightly.

Yeah, he was feeling a bit better already.

"…Thank you."

-plops self in lap and wraps his arms around freckles' torso- Happy birthday.

//wraps arms around Sonic in turn.

"Thank you. It’s not exactly a happy day, though." A sigh, and he nuzzles his head into the crook of Sonic’s neck. "…At least you’re here."